Cycling Expenses

Cycling Expenses

Dear Sir,

Further to our conversation regarding legitimate travelling expenses, to and from the work place. I have researched into this matter, and believe that organisations may be able to claim money from the government for cyclist’s.

The UK Supreme Court ruled [April 2015] that levels of air quality pollution were illegal, and that 2,000 people each year die early from exposure, from air pollution – ten times the number dying in road crashes.

Furthermore, 80% of toxic pollution comes from traffic, therefore an air quality action plan was drawn up.  The local council must spend at least 10% of their transport budget on active travel.

Scotland is not meeting its climate change targets, and at the moment only 1% of the national transport budget is spent on walking or cycling, and only 2% of trips in Scotland are by bikes.

The Government and local councils must reduce traffic volumes and improve vehicle emissions standards to save lives and protect health.

Hope to hear from you in due course.

Kind Regards

Wm Gillon